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The Texas Bubblers is a family entertainment service provided my Oh My Goode’R’ness Entertainment.

Meet Shelly McBubbles

Michelle Anderson, a.k.a. “Shelly McBubbles” began her career as a family entertainer in 2011 because of her heart for children and wanting to bring more joy into this world. She is a true “Joy-AWE-logist” She began as a balloon artist and face painter and then expanded into the world of LIVE balloon shows performing the Jelly Belly Schmelly Balloon Show for libraries, schools, and churches. In 2018, everything changed when she discovered the wonder of giant bubbles, They had a mesmerizing effect on her, and she saw their effect on young people and the young at heart and every age group in between. Everyone LOVES bubbles! Especially GIANT BUBBLES!

She started offering bubble parties in 2018 and that part of her business was growing leaps and bounds. During Covid in 2020, the only service she offered was outdoor bubbles because people felt safe playing outdoors. But those events were very few. Then as things started opening up more in 2021 and 2022, she took the leap of faith and only offered bubble services, and retired from balloons and face painting. She kept practicing her newfound craft in the world of bubbles learning all she could -- and still learning. She has become a member of the Association of International Bubble Artists. She has trained a team of bubble wranglers and they all have performed at numerous events for many families, schools, libraries, churches, communities, festivals, and city events in the Houston area and as far as Roanoke, Lufkin, College Station, and La Grange, Texas.

What she loves most about bubbles is watching how families play together with bubbles. She enjoys observing families popping, chasing, catching, and making bubbles together. They are making beautiful core memories to last a lifetime. They are present with each other and living in the moment forgetting the cares of this world if only for a few moments. Bubbles seem to connect generations that seem worlds apart.

Shelly knows that “A joyful heart is good medicine.” - Proverbs 17:22

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