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Payments & Insurance


Booking deposits are an industry standard to secure the artist/performer(s) for your event. We collect a standard 20% non-refundable deposit to hold and secure your booking date.  

payment due date

Payment is due in full at the time services are rendered. Invoices can be sent out directly when requested.


We are fully insured through American Specialty Insurance. We can provide a COI when requested for a particular event.

Cancellation policy

Because of our amazing clients, we rarely have any cancellations. But we do understand life happens and when possible we always love to reschedule, but we know that cannot always happen due to schedules. If the event isn't cancelled/or rescheduled before we are en route or about to be en route and the bubble juice was prepared for the event, there will be a $50 fee applied for the prepared 10 gallons of bubble juice because the bubble mix will not be usable for other bookings. There is a minimum fee of $50. The fee could be greater ($25 per 5 gallons), depending on how much bubble juice was made for an individual event. What about bad weather? Please read below regarding our Weather Policy.

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Weather Policy

Because we live in the Houston Metro area, we are fortunate to be able to offer the Giant Bubble Play experience year-round! But Houston weather can be a little tricky sometimes. It could be sunny on the west side and pouring down rain on the east side.

We always keep an eye on the weather as the day of the event approaches, and often up until the morning or few hours before the event. We stay in communication with the person who booked our services, and the ultimate person to "make the call" on a weather related cancellation. If it is possible to go indoors, we do offer our indoor "Plan B is Bubbles" specialty Mini-INDOOR Birthday Bubble Show. It includes our Kid-In-A-Bubble, Smoke Bubbles, Cupcake Bubbles, Bubble Tea and when applicable our Bubble Birthday Cake! This is a good alternative to rain, extreme heat and high winds that exceed 25mph.  We also believe in the power of Prayer. It is remarkable how God has moved rain clouds out of the way.  Sometimes just in the nick of time. We have literally witnessed rain clouds change directions, or delay their downpour until we are packed up and on our way to our next event.

Preferred surfaces & spaces


When bubbling outdoors, we always prefer a green, grassy open space. We can and have performed bubbles on concrete or black-top, but be mindful that it can get slippery. When possible we prefer an open area. When at a private residence, this can be done in the backyard or front yard or in a driveway. When there are swing sets, bouncy houses or swimming pools in the backyard, the preferred setup would be the front or side yard/driveway. Unless the backyard is very large. The wind is always a potential factor and we never know where our best setup will be until we get there and assess the direction the wind is blowing.

Booking events at Parks
There are many wonderful parks throughout the Houston area and we have performed at many of them. However, we do charge an additional $25 for park setups due to the fact of the challenge of getting our equipment to the location at the park and oftentimes distant parking, as well as equipment clean up after the event.  
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Indoor Bubble Shows for Birthday Parties
YES, we do offer INDOOR bubble shows! One is called "The Grand Birthday Bubble Show!" and the other is called the "Plan B is Bubbles" which is a specialty mini birthday bubble show. Both shows are for birthday parties that have no more than 20 children. The best age group is 4-10 years old. Indoor space is the key, the bigger the better. We can perform in some oversized living rooms, recreational centers and country club spaces. We bring a mess free floor covering to protect the flooring. We prefer not to perform in a garage space, especially in the summertime, because of the heat and for the need to close the garage door in order to perform certain bubble tricks in an environment that is wind/breeze free. We also provide our own sound system.

Indoor Shows For Schools, Libraries and Community Family Events
The Wonderful World of Bubbles Show is a 45-50 minute educational and entertaining indoor performance show that includes STEM subjects along with wonder and awe for ages 4-104 years old. Both children and adults are captivated by this performance. We provide special floor covering to protect the flooring. We also provide our own sound system.

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