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One size does not fit all! Every event is unique and we like to work with you to curate the best experience.

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Wonderful World Of Bubbles Show
This is a FUN and interactive Bubble Show created for schools, libraries and community family events. In this show, Shelly McBubbles performs some awe-inspiring bubble tricks that will mesmerize the audience of all ages. She shares how we all live in a world of bubbles every day. She performs different bubble tricks to create a ‘Rocket Bubble’, a ‘Square Bubble’ and uses dry ice to create "smoke" in bubbles. She incorporates 5-6 audience members to assist in her show and also puts a couple of kids inside a bubble. The show is approximately 45/50 minutes long and incorporates STEM subjects. She has performed for audience sizes of 20-400.
Best For:
Elementary Schools
Large Events (30+)
Small Events (30 or less)
The Good News Bubble Show (Complimentary Indoor Bubble Show)
The Good News Bubble Show is a 30-minute indoor bubble show performed by Shelly McBubbles. In this show, she shares the wonderful and creative imagination of God through bubbles. It also lays out how mankind was created to know God and be in relationship with Him and then how through the fall of Adam & Eve, sin entered the world and created an unrepairable separation from God. Then while using bubbles, she demonstrates how God, through His Son, Jesus, restored us to God the Father, through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. She then goes on to share how "All things are possible with God" while making a "Square" bubble and then putting a person inside of a bubble. (This performance is complimentary and available to any organization, school, or church if any outdoor bubble services are booked.)
Best For:
Elementary Schools
Large Events (30+)

Birthday Party Package Rates

1 hour

Master Bubble Wrangler Station & 20 Little Bubble Wrangler Stations*

1.5 hours

Master Bubble Wrangler Station & 20 Little Bubble Wrangler Stations*
Your CHOICE of Kid-In-A-Bubble OR Specialty Bubbles (Smoke Bubble Generator, Cupcake Bubble, & Super-Duper Foam Blaster OR Extra Bubble Time)

2 hours

Master Bubble Wrangler Station & 20 Little Bubble Wrangler Stations*
Specialty Bubbles (Smoke Bubble Generator, Cupcake Bubble, & Super-Duper Foam Blaster)
Extra Bubble Time

* For events with 23-40 kiddos, there is a possible up-charge of $75 for additional bubble juice and for another Bubble Wrangler to be present to assist. Please let us know the attendance and the other activities (if any) that will be at the event. If there are other activities also occurring at the event, this may not be necessary.
For events with more than 40 kiddos, there is a different pricing structure for those larger events. Please inquire about those rates.

watch Our Virtual Library Bubble Show

During 2020, when everything was shut down, the Montgomery County Library asked Shelly McBubbles to create a virtual bubble show for their online audience. It was the most watched program for the summer library online performances. Here is that show titled "Shelly McBubbles Saves the Kingdom of Happy"

Shelly McBubbles on Cowboy Jack's Youtube Channel

In this episode of Cowboy Jack's Educational Videos for Kids, Cowboy Jack visits Shelly McBubbles in her bubble laboratory. Much of the Wonderful World of Bubbles Show is based off of the content in this video.

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